Counselor’s Corner

Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner! An elementary school counseling program is designed to be preventive in nature and is based upon the fact that all children experience normal development problems in the process of growing up.

However, some of our children are faced with more complex problems. If we hope to prevent these problems from becoming more serious and interfere with learning, they must be addressed during the elementary years.

The following are a part of the school counseling program:

Counseling: Counseling takes place individually, in small groups, and during classroom guidance sessions. Students may refer themselves for counseling or may be referred by their teacher, other school staff members, parents, or by a friend.

Consultation: The counselor is available to consult with parents, teachers, administrators, school psychologists and social workers, medical professionals, and community agency personnel in regard to social, emotional, and educational needs of students.

Coordination: The counselor is responsible for coordination of the counseling program within the school including regularly scheduled classroom guidance lessons and orientation for new students. The counselor also serves on various committees within the school and is available as a resource to parents and teachers.

Hall County Counselor Belief Statement

The counselors in the Hall County School System believe the following:

• the counseling program includes all students regardless of their individual differences.

• all students can learn and become successful contributors to society.

• all students deserve the opportunity to learn in a mutually respectful environment.

• family is the primary influence in a student’s life.

• student success is enhanced when the professional school counseling program integrated into the school curriculum.

The Hall County Comprehensive school counseling program includes the following:

• counseling, consulting, coordinating, and collaborating.

• use of data to create developmentally appropriate programs to enhance the academic environment.

• school/family/community partnerships that build effective environments that reduce barriers to learning.

All counselors in the Hall County School System:

• are certified by the state in school counseling.

• participate in professional learning opportunities and abide by the professional school counselors code of ethics.

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