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Letter from Mr. Wilson, Principal of Lyman Hall Elementary
Lyman Hall Parents,

It is a pleasure to serve as Principal at Lyman Hall. I look forward to working with all the faculty, students, parents and members of the community. I come to Lyman Hall with a variety of experiences from assistant principal for six years to serving as a Leadership Facilitator with the Georgia Department of Education.

Under the magnificent leadership of Lois Myers and our dedicated staff, Lyman Hall has truly made some great strides in academic achievement. Lyman Hall has made Adequate Yearly Progress each of the previous years under Ms. Myers’s leadership. As the new principal I want to continue with these gains. I believe the responsibilities of the principal will be to serve as the main contact between parents, teachers and the students as well as to ensure that each child receives a rigorous curriculum (Common Core Standards) within a safe and orderly environment.

The state of Georgia has invested a lot of taxpayer money into a new more rigorous curriculum with high expectations for academic achievement. With this new curriculum it is going take the child, parent(s), teacher(s) and administrators working together to reach these expectations.

It is my belief and the belief of the staff at Lyman Hall that all children can learn given the right opportunities and ample amount of time to master the knowledge and skills. It is the aim of the staff to make sure every child meets or exceeds on the new performance standards. We will do everything in our power to prepare each and every child to be successful on the standards, but more importantly prepare them to be successful in life.

As we strive toward our goal of increased academic achievement for our students, we challenge the parent(s) or guardians of our students to become more involved with their child’s academics and become a more active partner with us. Please contact Norma Jaramillo at the school 770-534-7044.

Our children are crying out for us to pay attention to them, listen to them, love them and model for them the way to a successful life. It truly takes a village to raise a child in the 21st century and the staff at Lyman Hall Elementary is dedicated to doing their part in helping all of our children become productive citizens in this global society.


Robert Wilson


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